EZ Living Furniture: Simple & Stunning

Choosing furniture for your home can be confusing. Thats why we put together our favourite items from our stores to help you along.

The Vancouver Bedframe

This bedframe is made with Pu leather and has a sheer finish. The bedframe is beautifully presented, not only will it suit your black and white decor but it will suit various different styles.

The Vancouver bedframe

The Tempo Glass Table

The Tempo dining table is made from tough black glass with a chrome finish. This elegant table can be beautifully displayed in your dining area and will match perfectly with your decor.


The Eternity Reclining Leather Sofa

The Eternity sofa collection is made from 100% real leather. This sofa is beautifully timeless and would suit a wide range of colours and decors.

The Autumn LampĀ 

The autumn lamp is simplicity, elegant and will brighten up your rooms. This item is not only a lamp, it is also art work which will look great anywhere in your home.

The Autumn Lamp

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