Its all about the mom cave

Okay so lets face it , the hardest, most enjoyable job in this world is to be a mom. Your on call 24/7 but your a happy camper. I have heard many men taking an extra room in the home and turning it into a “man-cave” but why aren’t mom’s getting their “mom-cave”? They deserve it. A place you can eat chocolate in peace without the kids wanting it too. If you have an extra room in your house then maybe its time to start yourself a little project and get that “mom-cave” you definitely deserve. Here are our top tips on essential items you will need in your new little nest. 

Pretty two seater

Choose a pretty sofa. Its important. It’s your chance to have a well deserved break so make sure its comfortable too.

Vanity area

Okay so your a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter and an employee. We wear many hats throughout our day! Is a vanity area really too much to ask for? Afterall we are also women!! A place to paint our nails and pluck our eyebrows is essential.

A reading area

Some women love to read. If you are one of those women then then get yourself a reading nook in the room. Have the nook fully kitted out with a swivel chair, side table and dimed lighting such as a lamp. 

Bonus additions.

Okay, when we say “bonus addittions” what we mean is a TV to watch love/hate, a broadband connection, a phoneline and a fridge with a lock for essential’s such as chocolate. 


Don’t forget to choose a colour pallett that relaxes you. Whether you want to make it nuetral and bright or soft and girly make sure it reflects your personality. Have fun with it and use wallpapers and curtains that you love. 


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