Mistakes we all make when decorating

We all make mistakes when decorating our home. Here are some mistakes to avoid in the future. 



Sure you don’t need to measure if you have enough space for that large corner sofa, sure it will be grand. WRONG!!! So many times this has happened.  Don’t make this mistake. Buy furniture after you have measured the space. Avoid having to bring the sofa back to the shop because it doesn’t fit in your living room. 


Unique items

You see a beautiful chair, very unusual, it looks perfect in the shop window and you have to have it. The purchase is made and you bring it home to your very classic/ modern living space. It doesnt match and looks out of place. Dont worry it happens sometimes. We impulse buy and forget that the shabby chic look might not suit your classy/modern decor. Be careful and always think ahead.

Sofa and kids

So you bought yourself a nice light coloured sofa thats hard to clean. Six months pass and you realise that the spagetti stains and shoe marks are getting worse. Be careful when buying a sofa. If you have kids in the house always ask the store assistant about the type of leather/fabric and how easy it is to keep clean. Shop around for a sofa that is stylish and child friendly. 

Not testing your paint

You see the colour you like and you think it will be perfect in your bedroom. It will match everything you just bought to re-decorate. The paint is bought and the painting has started. Maybe the colour will look different when it is dry! It dries and you realise the colour is wrong. This happens all the time and its avoidable. Test paint before you paint your walls and save yourself time and effort. 

Buying everything at once

The house is bought and you just moved in and the decorating has begun. The store has everything you need so you quickly buy it all. Then you realise that you don’t actually like that bedside locker you bought. What do you do? Will the store take it back? Be careful and make sure that you buy furniture that you adore. If you rush off to the store and buy everything for the sake of buying it, there is a big chance you will end up disliking it after use.  

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