Sweet dreaming: Why you deserve a comfortable mattress

 Sweet Dreaming

Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep on a comfortable mattress, but we all have had sleepless nights tossing and turning. Did you know a good quality mattresses could contribute to a better night’s sleep?  We spent 30% of our lives sleeping making the mattress one of the most important investments we could make. Not convinced yet? Here are some other reasons your bed should be a priority investment.

Comfortable bed

1)      Weight gain

Sleep deprivation can cause hormonal imbalance and lack of energy which can leave you insatiably hungry throughout the day. Unfortunately, this can lead to weight gain.

Weight Gain

2)      Back pain

Did you know a bad mattress can make your back pain worse? Lack of support in the mattress reinforces poor sleeping posture and strains the back muscles. Anyone who has felt the pain of a bad back should invest in a mattress that firmly supports the back and promotes a better night sleep.

Bad back

3)      Poor athletic performance   

Sleep deprivation can affect the rate in which bones and muscles are repaired. Unfortunately, it can also effect the level of effort put into a workout. A good night’s sleep will improve physical performance and help repair the body more efficiently.

Athletic performace

4)      Productivity

Sleepless nights reduce productivity levels. We find it harder to concentrate, harder to retain information which makes us less efficient.

Low productivity

Invest in your wellbeing and buy a mattress which suits your needs. Stay tuned for our guide on buying a mattress. 

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