Child’s Play

EZ Living Furniture understand that creating a playful space which inspires a child’s imagination can be difficult, therefor we have found some simple yet interactive décor ideas for your child’s room.

Chalkboard paint

Sometimes kids like to draw on the walls. Why not add some chalk paint to their room wall so they can draw without having to call in someone to repaint your walls.

Chalk board paint

Magnetic Primer

Magnetic primer is a fantastic idea for a little boys room. Paint a racetrack on a your kids wall and use the primer over the paint. The primer will give magnetic properties to the wall allowing your child to play with toy cars across the wall without them falling. Your kids will have hours of fun with this amazing wall addition.

Magnetic Paint


Name and intials 

Why not add your childs initials or name to hang on the wall. Not only will it look beautiful in the room but it will add a personal touch.

Childs Initials

Wall height charts

Why not add a height chart to your childs room. Not only will it have sentimental value as your kids get older, but it will look great in their room.

Wall height chart

Wall paintings and decor 

Painting animals, trees and flowers on your childs wall will make the room brighter, but it will also unleash your childs imagination.

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