Creating a wall art gallery

Have you ever walked into a room and seen wall art that is amazing, draws your attention and gives the room a certain vibe. Well did you know that you can achieve this too. There are many ways to create an impact like this. Here are our top ways to get this look.


It’s the easiest way to add drama to a room. Don’t be afraid to use contrasting colours to create as much drama as possible. It’s also important to choose your painting wisely. The bigger the better.

Photo Gallery

Having a photo gallery and a wall collage is beautiful. It will catch you guests attention upon entering the room and it will personalize your space. It wont add as much drama to a room as a painting will but it will certainly leave an amazing impression in the room.


Did you know that you can add a personal touch and drama to your room by making something for your wall. Here are some great DIY wall art.

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