Luxe out your Master Bedroom

We firmly believe your master bedroom should be a calming adult retreat. A place that is calm and relaxing. Here are our top tips to achieve a luxe master bedroom for your enjoyment. 

Luxury Bedroom

Use calm neutral colours 

Stay clear of bright colours when trying to achieve a luxe bedroom. White, grey, taupe, silver, gold and charcoal. These colours are gender-neutral and appeal to a wider range of people. Did you know that studies have shown that these colours also have a calming effect on people? Perfect to get away from your busy schedule!


Clutter doesn’t exactly scream luxe. Get rid of anything that is not used often. Add some extra shelving for storage if you have to but dont have stuff building up in the corners. Clutter will take-away from your beautiful new room. GET RID OF IT!!

Over-sized Linen

Its a secret trick that interior designers use when planning your decor. They add over sized linen to your bed which drapes off the bed and makes it feel much more luxe. So easy!! 


Invest in an armchair or Swivel chair and create a reading space in your bedroom. This technique looks amazing and will also be a great addition to your adult getaway. If space allows also add a table with accessories to really finish off your reading area. 

The bigger the better

Use big lamps on your bedside locker that are simple and classic. This will add drama to your bedroom but will also keep the luxery theme you are trying to achieve. 

Use luxurious throws

Having a very big luxurious throw draped across your bed will add so much to your room. It will create drama and add something special to your master bedroom. 


Add some natural looking cushions to your bed. When you position correctly it can really finish off your master bedroom amazingly. 

Choose the right wall art

Create an experience every time you walk into your room by choosing wall art that suits your decor and personality. Keep it simple but have fun with it. It might be a way for you to add a small touch of contrast to your decor. 

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