EZ Living Furniture: Christmas Lighting and Stunning illuminations

Lighting is very important at Christmas. Whether we are lighting a fire and dimming the lights or we are lighting candles when guests arrive it is possibly the most important element to consider when entertaining guests. Create a stunning atmosphere with EZ Living Furniture and check out our stunning lights, candles and products to enhance your festive atmosphere. All products illustrated are available online and in-store. Get yours today!

1) Lanterns

Don’t fall for the trap that lanterns are only meant for outside. They are beautiful outside and even more beautiful inside. This is a great way to add lighting to a windowsill or simply as an addition to your accessories.


2) Snow tree with Lights

Who else is in love with the snow tree with lights? It is definitely the must have for your holiday decor this year!

xmas-photos-day105snow-tree-with-lights (1)

3) Ornaments 

Ornaments are always a good way to deck out your home for Christmas. Be wise and buy ornaments that will help you add lighting to your home. Check out this beautiful angel candle holder. Perfect lighting this Christmas.


4) Glassware 

Add a touch of glass to your decor. If you have a red theme for Christmas then why not try these. They are definitely a beautiful way to add lighting this Christmas.

red-glass          xmas-photos-day115           

5) Tree light Swirl Candle Holder

This item speaks for itself. Fill it with tea lights, dim the lighting and you have a beautiful illuminated tree. We are definitely giving this candle holder gold stars.


6) Hanging tea light holder and wreath

Hang your lighting from your roof this year! Have you a dark spot in a room that needs to be brightened up? Why not try this. Beautiful, elegant, simple and stunning. We love it.


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