EZ Living Furniture : Christmas Ornaments

Choosing Christmas ornaments can be hard. Luckily, we have a gorgeous range of Christmas ornaments in stock that will suit any decor. Here are our favorite ornaments.

1) Angel Ornaments

Elegant and super cute. These ornaments will be a gorgeous addition to your decor.

                           xmas2014-68            xmas2014-81


2)Santa’s reindeer 

If your looking for an ornament with character this is definitely the item for you. Santa will definitely leave that surprise when he see’s this gorgeous ornament on display.


3) Santa Ornaments 

If you thought Santa would be impressed with the reindeer then imagine how impressed he would be with this handsome man sitting on your window sill. The detail in this piece is simply stunning.

    xmas2014-23        xmas2014-29


4) Angle Candle holder

Make your ornaments shine and buy something that will create a gorgeous atmosphere. We love this.


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