Introducing pattern to your home decor

Introducing pattern to your home 

Introducing a pattern into your home can be daunting.  Some patterns are more daring than others and can scare you into thinking it’s not a good idea. We believe that your decor should fit your personality and if you like patterns than definitely use print around your home. Here are some simple ideas for introducing patterns without having the to fear that it may not work in a room.


Simply having one chair with a pattern you love will brighten up a room and add a contrast to the rest of your decor. This is great because the chair can easily be moved or changed if you decide to change things around.

photograph by Bjorn Wallander for Country Livinggeometric pattern fabric on a traditional chair


Another simple way to introduce pattern into your life is to buy bedding that has it a pattern on it. This is a great way to introduce pattern if you’re easily bored as it’s relatively inexpensive to change and won’t overpower your room.

Favorite space of all!

Cushions and throws

If you don’t want to introduce pattern on the walls, then use cushions and throws to introduce it as they can be easily removed. This can be done to suit perfectly with your living room or bedroom decor and it looks beautiful.

15 Quick and Easy Crochet Afghans + Bonus Video from @AllFreeCrochetJohn Robshaw cushions navy white | More here:

Over the fireplace

It’s so simple to add a pattern over your fireplace. Wallpaper is the easiest way to introduce pattern onto your walls. This is simple and you can match the wallpaper to suit your decor. Make sure you love the pattern before adding it to your walls. It might cost a little more to get rid of the pattern if you do not like it and will take more time to take down.

More Purple


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