Colour trends of 2015

 Colour trends 2015

Choosing colour can be a balancing act in your home.  It can be hard to choose the right colours, and that’s why we have put together the colours of 2015 for you. We all know that colours can relax, energise or refresh the mind and 2015 colour trends definitely do the trick. Here are the 2015 trends:

Deep colours

Transform your bedroom into something mystical. Essential teals, bright patterns and contrasting colours are all deep colours you should consider for your home. Add dark furniture to set a warm tone with your deep essential colours. This 2015 colour trend is gorgeous and will make your room feel like a beautiful haven. Is this the colour you dream about?



Frosted Pastels

Pastel colours are back but in a barely there way. The colour trend is not to overpower the room in pastel colours. These beautiful pastel colours create a beautiful, tranquil haven for your enjoyment.

Pastel colours

 Social Bright’s

Bright feature walls are a predicted trend for 2015, however, the colour should be strategically placed on one wall. It will match perfectly with neutral tones and highlight artwork that are hanging on the walls. Here is a feature wall we found:

social brights


Nuanced Neutrals

Warm, rich neutral colours are set to be a big hit in 2015.  Get creative this 2015 with these beautiful colours and tones.





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