Clever hidden lighting for your home

Are you in the process of designing your home or are you in the middle of a renovation? Here are some clever ways to add lighting to your home in a silent but obvious way. Comment and let us know if you would use them.


Instead of having a staircase that is made of wood why not opt for a more modern staircase which is built into the wall. Add soft lighting to the staircase so that it light’s up the stairs. This is such a clever idea and will look stylish and elegant in your home.

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Under Shelving

Lighting under shelving has been around a long time, however, we don’t use our imagination when installing our new lighting fixtures. Why not put lighting in places that aren’t as obvious, such as dark corner’s. If you add light to the dark spots in your home it will make the room seem bigger.



Adding lighting around your favorite ornaments is very easy, the light will instantly catch your eye as you walk in the room.



 Bathroom Mirrors

Add some thread lighting around your mirrors to create a beautiful effect in your bathroom.


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