Easy Fix Decorating Mistakes That You Could Be Making

We all need a helping hand when decorating our homes. We can go back and forth with design decisions, and when we finally make one, we may or may not like the end result. Sometimes, we don’t even realize that we have made the mistake until we have finished working on a task. So we decided to tell you the top easiest mistakes people make without realizing it happened.


Hanging Lighting Too High

Hanging lighting too high is a common mistake made by many people. If you hang lighting too high over your dining table, then it can be easily fixed. By rule of thumb, the lighting should be 30 inches from your dining table and should illuminate your table. Who knew, huh!

Artwork Too High

You should not have to look up to see your artwork. As a rule of thumb, it should be hung at eye level so you and your guests can enjoy the imagery without having to look up. Many people get this wrong and don’t realize their mistake. Check your artwork and make sure it hung at an appropriate level.

Curtain Rods

Are your curtain rods hanging too low? Position your hanging rods over the window to open up the room and make it feel bigger. If you have made this mistake, then it can be fixed easily with little effort.


Over Accessorizing

Everyone loves pillows & throws, they effortlessly lift the appearance of a room, however, over accessorizing can make the room feel cramped. Don’t overpower the room with cushions and throws, it will take away from your decor.


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