Wall Gallery Mistakes You Could Be Making

Have you a wall gallery or thinking about creating this beautiful display in your home? If you are, there are many common mistakes people make which you should avoid! Here they are:


1) Using the same sized photo frame for the whole gallery

You may be afraid that your wall will looking messy, but the point of having a wall gallery is that there are many different sizes. Having three larger frames, two medium and small frames will look beautiful, so don’t be afraid to try it.

2) Not having a focal point piece

The gallery should be a focus point within the room that you have chosen. Make sure that you have a wow photo that isn’t just plain old black and white. A wall gallery should catch a person’s eye as they walk in the room.

3) Not thinking about layout

The layout is so important. So many people don’t measure the wall space. It is important to measure your picture frames before  you put holes in your wall. Make sure you know exactly where every frame is going before you put them up.

4) Not thinking about spacing between frames

The space between frames should be exact. The wall gallery will not look right if they aren’t spaced evenly! This is easily overlooked and forgotten by many.

5) Not using colour

So many people use black and white pictures for their wall gallery and it’s nice, but colour really pops and can make a big difference to your wall. Why not swap out your old black and white photos for something with colour.

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