You Might Be Making The Wrong Design Statement: Your Guide To Doing It Right.

Is there something missing from your decor in your living room? Get yourself some statement pieces and spruce up your living area in no time. 

Usual Shapes

Everyone has the same lamp tables in their living room. Why not try unusual shapes and make a statement with a lamp table, our Sheesham Wood E shaped & Z shaped cubes are popular, modern and will definitely make a beautiful design statement.

e-shaped-sheesham-wood-cube-india (2)e-shaped-sheesham-wood-cube-india

Bespoke Lamps 

Adding lighting can quickly make a statement in your Living Room. The trick to making a statement is adding a lamp that will add drama to the room. Here is our Autumn lamp which is also a very popular item among our customers. This lamp has an unusual shape, which will draw attention and add a beautiful contrast to your rooms.


Unusual Mirrors

Another great way to add drama to your living room is to add an item that you know everyone will admire. Have you seen window mirrors? They are beautiful! This is our fabulous Ramos mirror which is a big hit among our customers.



Introducing patterns into your home will make an instant statement. There is no need to go out and buy wallpaper, it can be easily introduced using Cushions, Rugs & throws. Here are some patterns that could look great in your home.


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