On-trend Autumn Home Décor

Every season has its upside; however, autumn has a particular beauty to it. For many, this season captures the true beauty of nature: orange and crimson leaves falling delicately and scattering over walkways, a bitter nip in the air and an incredible feeling of anticipation for the festivities ahead. Throughout Ireland smoke rises from chimneys as warm fires are lit and families enjoy cosy evenings indoors listening to the gentle pitter-patter of rain against the window pane.

For many homeowners, an exciting part of the season is changing-up the décor. EZ Living Furniture have an incredible range of Autumn home décor accessories to add vibrancy to your home- from decorative wall clocks and intrinsically patterned cushions to quirky wall plaques and beautifully-crafted rugs, there is something for everyone. Each new season brings fabulous new trends, providing the ideal opportunity for some home sprucing and innovative decorating. The change in weather calls for deep colours, mixed textures, geometric prints and homely touches.

The exceptionally talented Visual Merchandising team at EZ Living Furniture recommend using Pinterest as a form of inspiration when conjuring up Autumn home décor ideas. Be sure to check out EZ Living Furniture on Pinterest, which is
brimming with new trends, seasonal colour palettes, creative tips and, of course, EZ Living Furniture’s fantastic new giftware range and home accessories. Check out our Autumn pinterest board: http://bit.ly/1LFs44r

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2 thoughts on “On-trend Autumn Home Décor

  1. Complaint – I am very unhappy with the returns T&Cs applied by Ez Living & to be honest I’m contacting Consumer Rights as I think there may be a breach. I was in your Blanchardstown Store on Friday and purchased a mirror, which unfortunately turned out to be too large for the hall. The Sales Girl Sarah was very nice & Polite & mentioned to me when handing me the receipt …. “you have 7 days for full refund , and make sure it’s returned in original packaging etc” all pretty reasonable & standard….,,, however what she did not meniton is that I had to return the Mirror to the store of purchase ie. Blanchardstown.
    I mistakely thought I’d be able to return it to my local store in Beacon SC . Seems Ez Living is a franchise & stores operate independently…. but how are customers to know this ,…. before they enter into a contract of sale.
    So on Saturday Morning I had to return across M50 & pay 2 tolls to return the mirror. I couldn’t see any T&C displayed at the checkout. But I did a little search & found a small A5 size “Returns T&Cs displayed at the very far end of the cash desk area… .certainly not in the most optimum place for customers to see & I checked to see did it mention that the purchase had to be returned to the exact store of purchase & it did not…. I should have been made aware of this stipulation before I entered into the contract of sale, before I’d paid for the goods. It is not acceptable that I find out this stipulation only when I check the receipt at home on Saturday evening. I was planning to purchase a new living room suite but I’ll go to Michael Murphy’s instead… You won’t find me shopping in any of the “franchised” stores every again.

    1. Hi Bernie,

      Thank you for getting in touch with EZ Living Furniture.
      We appreciate you contacting us and will bring this feedback to our management’s attention.
      We are part of the EZ Living retail group & our stores are listed on our website. We have 7 stores nationwide, please find link to our stores here: http://www.ezlivingfurniture.ie/content/83-our-stores
      Sorry for the inconvenience, for anything else just contact our customer service line- 0818 222 272

      Thank you.

      Kind Regards,


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