How To: Update your Home on a Budget

Your home is a place of rest and relaxation. It should be somewhere you enjoy coming home to every evening. It is easy to get down and out about your design choices and think that you can’t achieve the style you want due to a limited budget, or that to transform your home you would need to rip up the floors or redo the kitchen. Today we’re going to show you seven easy ways to update your home on a budget.

Add a Feature Wall

There are so many ways to create your feature wall. Why not start with some different sized prints that tie in with the theme of your room? Family photos, picture frames and meaningful images make up a great gallery wall and represent your family’s memories. See our selection of Wall Art here. You could also decorate one wall with a vibrant or patterned wallpaper to add a real talking point.

Throw Cushions

Add two or three colourful throw cushions to any couch to brighten up any room and instantly update your furniture. You can also change the covers easier and cheaply every time you feel like changing the colour scheme, or to match in with current trends.


Change it up with a New Rug

There’s no need to rip up all the carpet to change your sitting room or hallway decor. Why not add a new rug to change up the room? If you invest in a neutral coloured rug it will more than likely match any style, and you won’t have to worry about it if you decide to change your room’s decor in the future.

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Accessorize your Coffee Table

Sometimes something as small as a few new accessories can liven up a whole room. Why not give dressing your coffee table a try? You can choose from a number of different accessories such as candles with decorative holders, quirky books or magazines and some decorative flowers in a small vase.

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Add House Plants

Plants add life and colour to any home. Use small succulents on windowsills and tables, display beautiful hanging baskets or standalone planters. You don’t even need to keep live plants: silk flowers are a perfect alternative to bring colour to your home without the upkeep of a real houseplant.

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New Shower Curtain

It might sound silly but a great way to revamp your bathroom is to change your shower curtain. Why not buy a brightly coloured or printed shower curtain to liven up the room?


Decorative Mirror

No art? No worries. If you don’t have money to splurge on art pieces, go for mirrors. They are known to make a room feel bigger, reflecting light and adding dimension. To easily change up your room and add some new decor, add a large decorative mirror to your main or ‘feature’ wall.

We hope that these quick and easy changes will help you to make your house feel more like a home! Why not tell us your thoughts on this post by leaving us a comment or head over to our Facebook page and let us know what you think.


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