How to Choose the Right Artwork for Your Home

wall art quote The right piece of artwork can really make a room come together. Deciding what artwork to put in your home can be difficult  – there are so many things to consider: trends, size, space and of course your own personal style! In this post, we help you to discover your style and give you tips to choose the perfect artwork for your space.

Firstly, where will the artwork be going? Select the most important and visible walls in your home. Perhaps it is going to fill a long, empty hallway, or you will be making use of that blank space above the couch. Knowing your area’s dimensions is key. For example, an empty hallway could benefit from a longer horizontal piece, such as this one. Wall art is a fantastic way to fill open and blank spaces in your home. But remember, it is not necessary to hang something on every wall or cover every space. To figure out sizing, a good rule of thumb is to take up two-thirds of the space with art. 

framed-print-lobster-potsAlternatively, you might prefer a cluster of smaller paintings or photos grouped together, like the photo below. This is a great way to display family photos and memories without the frames taking up all the space on your mantelpiece! Creating a cluster of images or a ‘gallery wall’ is a creative and unique way to decorate your home. It can take a little bit more time but if done right, it is definitely worth it! A top tip for planning a gallery wall is to lay out all your artwork on the floor first to find the proper spacing, symmetry and then decide on the order you think looks best before you go ahead and start hammering nails into the wall.

Source: A Beautiful Mess

Remember, your gallery wall does not need to comprise of matching frames. You can mix and match frames, different style prints and materials for a wonderfully eclectic look.

framed-print-harmony (1)

Secondly, Colour is another important aspect when choosing artwork for your home. Think about the colours that are already in your home. Not only are colours important on a practical level but every colour conveys a different emotion. For example, orange and yellow tones convey fun and warmth. Green conveys relaxation. Pinks and purples are fun and youthful colours. We’ve done an in-depth blog post all about choosing a colour palette for your home here.


If you have a large, bare wall to cover, why not consider using a trio of artwork, such as these, to cover the wall and can be much more effective than trying to find one large painting to cover the wall. Line these up with a trio of sofa cushions for a beautifully symmetrical look!set-of-3-prints-summer-romanceAlways consider your personal style and what styles you love. Choose photos and artwork that are meaningful to you and you will always love them!

How do you display artwork in your home? Please share your tips and photos with us in the comments below or head over to our Facebook page here.

2 thoughts on “How to Choose the Right Artwork for Your Home

  1. Such a super article. I am obsessed with art. It is the hat, bag and shoes of interior design, and what really finishes off your room. I hang a lot of art, and one thing I find is that the majority of people hang their art way too high! Here is a link to a little article I wrote about how to hang your art at the correct height.
    I hope it help!

    Congratulations on the EZ Living blog, I love it! Anne xx

    1. Hi Anne,

      Thanks for your comment! We’re so glad you like this article 🙂 You are right, art is so important when it comes to decorating a room!

      That looks like a great post – thanks for sharing it with us 🙂

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