Small Living Room Ideas on a Budget

The room you spend the most time in should be the most comfortable, functional and attractive space in your house, right?

If you have a small living room or a new home with a lack of room, it can be tough to figure out the best way to utilise your minimal amount of space. Often times this space becomes cluttered, crowded and the layout is completely wrong. Our small living room ideas on a budget will help you transform your space into something brand new! There are so many different options for small living rooms but today we’ve gone with a modern, minimal glam style.


The Waldorf is perfect for a smaller sitting room as it is a lighter sofa which makes the room seem larger than it really is. This stylish piece comes as either a two seater, three seater or a cosy armchair. The contemporary, cool shades create a serene environment and a relaxed living space. The Elise Coffee Table is a fabulous statement table for your living room. At only €199, the Elise suits most styles but is best suited to a minimalist interior. The simple colours of the table will allow you to match it with a variety of furniture styles.

Similarly, the Elise Lamp Table is ideal for placing a colourful lamp, a vase full of vibrant flowers, or simply for keeping beside your sofa or armchair to hold a beverage and snacks. This retro-style piece has a lacquered finish providing scratch resistance and making it very easy to clean which is perfect for keeping a smaller living room neat and tidy.

Natural light is ideal for creating the illusion of a larger space. But sometimes natural light just isn’t an option. This is easily combated by using a large standing lamp to illuminate the room, such as the Jeremy tripod lamp. This lamp is as stylish as it is functional! It can also be used to create a comfy reading corner to relax in the evening and cosy up with a great book. Coordinating with traditional and contemporary styles, the Jeremy tripod lamp is a timeless piece.


A bright, light coloured rug, such as the Achill, will brighten up your space and emit a warm and cosy vibe. After you have set a base, it is easy to accessorise. Choose from our range of bright or floral patterned cushions to dress up the sofa and bring extra light into the room. Dress up your coffee table with your favourite books, magazines or a notepad. Top with a subtle, pretty candle in a statement candleholder. Go the extra mile and easily update your room with a new set of curtains. You’d be surprised how much of a difference a new set of clean, fresh curtains can make!


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  1. Great Post…!
    Designing a custom sofa for your living room sounds like a way to really get everything you would like out of your couch. That is awesome that you can select everything from the design to the fabric that is used. Comfort level for myself, I would say is something that I would consider most important in getting a custom sofa…

    Thanks for share Your Post.

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