Guide to Setting the Table for Christmas Dinner

Often times, Christmas is the one time of year that the whole family actually sits down at the table for a meal together. This makes getting the table setting right for such a special occasion all the more essential. Now, most of us will not follow the exact formal etiquettes of dining like royals, but at least we can make the table look pretty! Read on and we will show you how to do just that.


To start, it can be beneficial to decide on a theme for your table setting. This creates an element of consistency, fun and whimsy to add to your dining experience. Create an overall theme such as rustic woodland or winter wonderland. The options are endless and it adds to the sense of fun!

Some classic colour schemes for Christmas are the staple red and gold, silver and white, green and red, etc… These can be mixed and matched, or used individually to create a much stronger colour scheme. Why not head over to our Christmas Pinterest boards for some more theme inspiration?


Once you have decided on your theme and colour scheme, it’s time to move on to the  Christmas table decorations. Let’s start with the centrepiece. This will be the main feature of your table setting and will be what stands out when your guests enter the dining area. Wreaths and garlands don’t just have to be for doors and trees you know! We suggest one of our beautiful Christmas wreaths placed in the middle of your dining table as a defining feature. Instead of the classic table runner, why not run garlands down the centre of the table either side of the wreath, helping to make it a focal point on the table, and furthering the decorative feel.


Candles, candles, candles! Nothing makes a Christmas dining experience better than a whole host of candles decoratively spread across the table. Candles add an atmosphere of elegance and warmth to this festive celebration. Place candles of varying sizes; small, medium and large, in the middle of your wreath centrepiece to add a warm, ambient feel to your table setting, while the varying sizes of the candles give this a beautifully rustic element. A single candle in one of our lovely lanterns or candle holders can also give this festive effect. Why not try adding scattered tea lights either side of the garland running along the middle of the table to add to the festive lighting feel?


Now that you have your theme, centrepiece and lighting sorted, it’s time to move on to the place settings themselves. Here at EZ Living, we have a whole range of decorative Christmas dinnerware and glassware to choose from, in fun, festive and traditional colours. Once you have your Christmas dinner plates neatly placed, with cutlery appropriately organised alongside, you can then add a more personalised touch to your place settings. Why not also check out our post on how to throw a fabulous dinner party where we show you how to elegantly set out your cutlery and glassware!

As you will already know the guests you will be expecting, why not assign each person a seat to create a fun, but formal, touch to the big day. This is a quick little DIY that really gives your dinner table a personal touch.  All you need to do is write the guests name on a decorative piece of card, and then use one of our charming Christmas baubles as a place card holder. Simply place a bauble of your choice on each individual’s plate atop a neatly folded napkin, then gently slide the piece of card with the guest’s name under the bauble so it is jutting out just enough to be seen, and voila!


Now that your guests know where they’re all sitting, let’s move on to the finishing touches! Don’t underestimate what you can find just outside your back door. Collecting pine cones, cuttings from fir’s, berries and even dried leaves and fruits can be decoratively placed around the table, creating a connection to the outdoors and a traditional festive feel. Carefully placed ornaments and figurines such as our Glittering Reindeer Figurine or some of our Santa Figurines add to the amusement, especially for children whom we all know can be tricky guests to keep seated at the table for too long.

Now that you have followed this guide on how to set the perfect table for Christmas dinner, all that’s left is to serve the dinner, sit back & relax!


We hope that you have enjoyed this post, learned some handy tips for setting the table and it got you in the Christmas spirit! However you decide to decorate your table this Christmas, the options are endless and it all essentially comes down to personal style and preference. But, if it is something you struggle with we hope we have provided you with some helpful hints & delightful tableware suggestions!

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