How to Make Personalised Christmas Baubles | Christmas Gift DIY

Spread some Christmas cheer among your family this year with something extra special.There is nothing more heart-warming than a handmade present.Why not make something personal for your loved ones and impress them with a festive Christmas tree bauble.

Personalised baubles are so easy to make and only require a couple of items that are easily found in your home. Try creating these as a fun, Christmas themed activity to do with your family and friends!


First, find some clear, glass, Christmas baubles that have a screw off top. These can be difficult to find at times, but don’t worry because our elegant clear glass baubles have a secret screw off top! Perfect for creating your own personalised bauble. There is a little pine sprig and berries inside that you are welcome to use or take out completely (and maybe add it to another creation, such as a Christmas wreath or garland) and create your very own, original Christmas bauble.


What you’ll need:
  • Gold felt tip pens.
  • Glitter of your choice but red, gold and green are always a good choice! If you want to be super stylish pick up some copper or rose gold glitter or sequins for your baubles.
  • Artificial Snow (or sea salt if you don’t have any!)
  • Card (for message in a bottle style bauble)
  • Ribbon

Step 1

Once you have everything ready, making the baubles is simple! Write your message to someone special on a little piece of card with your metallic felt tip pen. It can say whatever you want, just make sure it fits in the bauble! Roll up your handwritten message and tie it up with a ribbon in a beautiful bow.


Step 2

Next, screw off the top of your bauble. It is time to pick your favourite glitter or glittering snow, or a mixture of these, and add about two to three teaspoons into the bauble. Grab your personalised note and push it through the top and anchor it in the glitter.


Step 3

To ensure your bauble is extra secure, we recommend that you make sure that the top is screwed on nice and tight before you hang it on the tree!


Step 4

And you’re ALL done! A super easy Christmas DIY project to make with your family. These are a really lovely activity to do with your kids coming up to the Christmas holidays. Remember, DIY projects are supposed to be fun so feel free to put your own little twist on it. Make sure to let us know and send us photos of your personalised Christmas baubles on our Facebook page. Don’t forget to date your personalised baubles so you can look back with fond memories and cherish them for years to come! 

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Source: http://www.thevaultfiles.com/2014/12/diy-file-glitter-dust-filled-balls.html
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Source: http://bit.ly/2gF0jOS


Safety Warning: Make sure kids are supervised at all times 🙂

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