Tips for Hosting A Wonderful Christmas Dinner Party

Christmas, as we all know, is a time of many, many social gatherings! So, if you decide to take the mission upon yourself this year to host a dinner party, then why not read on and follow our simple tips on how to host the perfect Christmas Dinner Party.

Your first port of call when planning a Christmas gathering is to decide on what kind of party you are going to throw.  Whether it’s a formal, seated party or a more casual style cocktail party. This is usually down to personal preference and the time frame you have for preparing for such an event. A formal, sit down dinner may take a bit more time and effort, whereas a casual cocktail party may be more suited to you if you’re under some time constraints.


Next, we’d advise making a list of all your favourite people. Deciding in advance who you want to invite to your dinner party will cause you less hassle, stress and prevent you fretting over any people you may have forgotten. Planning your list and sending out invitations in good time will make things run a lot smoother. Once you have your guest list drawn up, it’s time to send out the invitations, through any medium you fancy! You may send formal, written invitations by post, email, simply create a nifty little Facebook event, or if your guests are particularly laid back, an ‘old’ text might do!


So far, you have decided on your party style, you have your guest list put together and invitations sent out, now to move on to the most important part of any dinner party, the food! Take some time to sit down and prepare a menu, as well as a list of ingredients and any other cooking and dinnerware essentials you may need, see our website for some delightful Christmas dinnerware sets to choose from. Having the right dinnerware for serving your food is of utmost importance. Here at EZ Living, we have a fine range of Christmas dinner plates to choose from, that will present your meals elegantly and keep your meals nice and warm as they’re served up.


Getting all this decided in advance will make the lead up to the party itself much less intense and you will be thoroughly prepared when the time comes. Along with this, making a list of any smaller details, such as the kind of appetisers you will serve, can also come in handy. Attention to detail is key when it comes to impressing your guests!

Try impressing your guests by making your own homemade mulled wine and serve it in champagne glasses on arrival! This will also emit a beautiful, festive and aromatic scent throughout your home. Add another little touch by creating personalised baubles for each of your guests and using them as a place setting. It might sound like a lot but they are so easy to create and are sure to leave our guests in awe of the personal touch! Read our post on creating your own personalised bauble here.


Once your menu is sorted, you may want to take some time to also think about how you will decorate your humble abode for such an occasion. Here at EZ Living, we have a whole host of delightful Christmas dining table decorations to choose from to make your dinner party decorations simply the best! See our previous blog post guide on setting the table for Christmas for some decorative inspiration and extensive guide to Christmas place settings and accessorising your dining table! Check out that guide here.

From there, other elements to plan out include making sure you have a fully stocked bar, with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, for those guests who aren’t partial to a tipple or may be designated drivers. If you are planning a cocktail party, make sure you know which drinks you are going to make and how they will be served. We have some delightful decorative Christmas glassware to choose from for serving your beautiful beverages (see our Christmas Pinterest boards for some Christmas treat inspiration). As the saying goes, preparation is key. A day or two prior to the big event, planning and getting your food prepared will mean that you will be more at ease when hosting and be better able to tend to your guests.


With your decorations done and dusted, it’s time to put some thought into the more finicky details such as cooking times, a well-stocked drinks cabinet, provisions for vegetarians and fussy eaters and if all goes wrong keep a local pizza delivery menu to hand!


Last, but by no means least, our last tip is, enjoy! If you have followed our tips so far, you will be more than well prepared for when it comes to hosting your Christmas Dinner Party, and this means you should be a stress-free and relaxed host or hostess. Remember, if you are having a good time, then so will your guests!

If you need any more dinner party or Christmas ideas then why not head over to our Pinterest, where we have plenty of decoration and recipe inspiration!


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