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Well that flew! 2016 might be behind us now, but we just love to reminisce. So, this week we’re going to take a look back at some of our favorite things we talked about on the blog in 2016.



Resurrecting ourselves from a hectic start to the year, in March we started off with a personal touch. A day that celebrates the most magnificent women in all our lives, Mother’s Day! For this we decided to put together a little Mother’s Day gift guide for you to help pick that perfect present for your lovely mammy,  to celebrate the only day she might actually have ‘a sit down’ for herself. The guides kept coming after that when we had a look at how to buy the right sofa for your living space. If this is something still on your mind, have a look for yourself here. Coming up to Paddy’s Day we had a look at some rooms that ‘rock’ the colour green, and this trend stays with us for 2017, woohoo! Check out this blog post here and find out how to incorporate a bit of green in your life. Readjusting to the longer evenings in March, we gave you some helpful tips on getting a good night’s sleep, something which can never be underestimated. And to cap off March, as we began our walk into Spring, we showed you how to create a lovely Spring floral arrangement.



Springing into April with a bang, longer days meant more to do! So, we gave you some advice to busy yourself with some Spring cleaning tips and how to make the cleaning process easier. If Spring Cleaning is already on your mind, check out our helpful hints HEREKeeping to the clean theme, for all you animal lovers out there, we put together some cleaning tips and products for pet owners. Eliminate that cat or dog odour from your home by using our tips for pet owners here. Giddy with the anticipation of summer around the corner, we added a touch of fun to our blog posts towards the end of April. We had a peek behind the scenes of the former €9 million home of Ashley and Cheryl Cole, we quizzed you on what your tea personality says about you (do that quiz here) and we concluded April with our witty ‘Couch-Ella’ style guide in preparation for festival season!



May was all about getting more done. We had a look at 2016’s Home of the Year and gave you our own Home of the Year ‘get the look’ guide if you wanted to replicate some of the winning house in your home. May brings with it even longer evenings and nights, and so, sleeping patterns need adjusting again. With that in mind, we told you all about benefits that come from getting a good night’s sleep!

Summer brings change, and if you were making the big move, we had a list of five of the most pertinent things you needed for your first apartmentWhether you were moving in or already had your own home, we gave you some advice on how to create a cosy reading nook in your home. And to round up May, we gave you some helpful hints on how to update your living room for summer.



We can’t help but look back on June with the fondest of memories! The sun was shining almost every day, people were had their BBQs out, there were many trips to the beach and we were all going a little crazy over Ireland making their way to the Euro’s in France! And so, we put together a little list of some super snack ideas for watching the Euro’s at home. Feeling hungry? Check out that post here.  Summer is a season of colour, and with that, we decided to give you a helping hand and some advice on how to choose a colour palette for your home. If you’re still unsure of how to do this, have a read of our post on it here. June is the height of Summer, we wanted to give you our guide to throwing a fabulous dinner party, be it outdoors or if the infamous Irish weather took over, indoors was the more likely occurrence. To finish off, if you happened to get green fingers during the summer months, we gave you our tips on gardening for beginners, to make it that be easier for you to hop on the bandwagon!



We started off July with a little bit of fun by having a sneak peek at Taylor Swift’s New York apartment for inspiration and our own guilty pleasure of keeping up to date with celeb interiors. With wedding season in full swing, we moved on from celebrity antics to give you our tips and ideas for a summer wedding in conjunction with Mc Elhinney’s. If you’re planning a summer wedding this year, have a read of that particular blog post hereSummer brings a lot of outings and adventures, however, if you’re more of a home-bird you may have been thinking about a summer update to your home. So, in July we had a look at seven easy ways on how to update your home on a budgetFinishing as we started, with a dash of whimsy, we put together a little quiz to help you find your interior design style.  



A season of change, the leaves falling, a gentle breeze picks up, and we began Autumn by looking at choosing the right artwork for your home. An easy way to incorporate that feeling of change to your home, so check out that post here. Moving on from there, we chatted with Sharon Johnston, an interiors expert about her design secrets. If you want to look back on some of Sharon’s tips, have a read of our interview with Sharon here.  With the colours of summer fading to more autumnal tones, we had a look at how the colour of a room can affect your life. And finally, we wrapped up August with how to use gold accessories in your home.  



September was that month when we were all getting ready for the kids to go back to school and for the evenings to get shorter and shorter! We wrote a super helpful blog post packed to the brim with tips on how to get the best nights sleep that you can read right here because it’s important to get the right amount of sleep all year round!

Then, we decided it was time to do a very handy little quiz to help you find your Autumn style! We looked at all the current interior trends and made a 30-second quiz just for you to help you discover your style. You cans till take this quiz if you want right here.

Something we get asked about ALL THE TIME is how to properly care for your leather sofa. And of course, we want to make sure that you are caring for your new (or old) leather sofa as best you can. We wrote a post packed with leather care tips and suggestions on getting the best out of your leather sofa. If this sounds like something that you want to know more about, then have a read of that post here.



Boo! In October we took a stroll around Emilia Clarke from Game of Thrones beautiful new home and Leonardo Di Caprio’s Malibu beach house. We only had slight interior envy, but we show you how to add a few touches to your home to bring it up to celebrity status! Elegant Autumn wedding trends were next on our list. We told you our quirky decor tips for a gorgeous Autumnal wedding in Ireland and how to use some of our accessories to do so! We also created a Pinterest board just for weddings so if the blog post wasn’t enough, you can have a peek at our personal wedding scrapbook. We asked you what you wanted to hear next so we created the perfect guide to updating your living room decor on a budget. Your living room is probably the one room you spend the most time in, so just because it’s small doesn’t mean it came to be transformed into your own little sanctuary. Read all about this here.



Ho, ho, ho! November brought the countdown to Christmas, and so we began by giving you our tips on how to decorate a Christmas Tree. With the days getting shorter and long, dark nights setting in, we moved on to show you how to make your bedroom cosy for winter. From there, our tips for Christmas 2016 kept coming. We gave you our Christmas lighting safety tips, our guide to setting the table for Christmas dinner and how to make your very own personalised Christmas bauble. If you’re into thinking and planning ahead, have a look back at some of said Christmas tips and guides here.



And so, we come to the end…of 2016 that is. We rounded off the year with our tips on hosting a wonderful Christmas dinner party, that even Martha Stewart would be proud of. Pinterest became a big part of our lives in 2016, as we’re sure it did many of yours! With that, we shared some of our favourite Christmas pins with you, including many sweet treats and snacks for you to fawn over or try to create over the festive season.

Phew! What a year it was indeed. We hope you enjoyed our blog year in review of 2016, and we look forward to sharing more of these wonderful tips, sneak peaks, guides and advice to you over 2017. Let’s hope it’s a good one!

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