4 Simple Ways to Bring Summer into your Home

Summertime brings many different thoughts to mind. Some people think of sun, some people think of jetting off abroad and others think of home decor. Do you find yourself swapping your snuggly blankets for light linen throws and colourful cushions? Sometimes the Irish weather does not always emulate what we wish for when we think about Summer. So, to get you through those rainy days and cloudy evenings, we have the perfect array of accessories to bring a little light back into your home this Summer season.

1. Emphasize Natural Light

Nothing will enhance the natural light in your home more than adorning your hallway, bedroom or living room with a fabulous large wall mirror. The Lismore mirror (photographed above) or the Ramos Mirror are sure to make an impact wherever you choose to place them in your home. The sheer size of these mirrors gives the illusion of having another window in the room, drawing in light and reflecting it around the room. This is the perfect way to create the illusion of light and space in a darker room or narrow hallway, while also offering the practicality of a regular mirror. The white finish of the Ramos Mirror, in particular, makes it ideal for brightening up your home, and it will work with a wide variety of both traditional and contemporary interior styles. If these mirrors do not entice you then why not have a look at some of our other large wall mirrors such as the Brendan Mirror or the Lana Mirror.

The illusion of a larger space can be created with bigger mirrors but also with a selection of smaller mirrors grouped together. Take a look at the tall and slender Edgar or Albert wall mirrors. These mirrors can be used in groups of two or three to create a fantastic statement piece on your wall, illuminating and enlarging the whole space.

2. Brighten Up A Room with a Summer Lights

Speaking of illuminating spaces, our large selection of lighting is perfect to emulate that Summer feels. The Elite Floor lamp oozes contemporary style and is suitable for all seasons. The Elite’s large metal shade illuminates an entire room on a dull day.

If this doesn’t strike you, why not invest in something smaller, such as a table lamp. The Jeremy table lamp boasts Summer style with its linen barrel shade and is the perfect little lamp for your hall table or living room.


3. Dinnertime

Summer also means barbeques with family and friends. Why not dress up your dinner table with colourful glassware such as the beautiful blue champagne flutes and wine glasses from our Honeycomb collection. Serve your favourite wines in style with an elegant amber wine glass. Crafted from high-quality glass in a rich amber colour, the glass has a textured pattern, while the curving stem and wide base is stable and easy to hold. If you’re looking for a more subtle look, these geometric gold embossed glass tumblers are sure to impress your guests and serve as fantastic glassware for cocktails!


4. Brighten Up the Room with Summer Accessories

And last but not least, don’t forget to accessorise! Pair your brand new stunning glassware with our contemporary blue glass lanterns to create ambient mood lighting outdoors. Sensored outdoor lights aren’t ideal when you are trying to relax with friends in the garden. Use pillar candles and lanterns to create an ambient theme indoors or out. Why not dot our contemporary greenhouse terrariums filled with tealights or bright green moss on your hall or coffee table to complete your Summertime theme.

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  1. Large wall mirrors can work wonders in summer by reflecting the light. It also helps to make the room look larger.

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